Onsite Treatment Technologies is a complete supplier of high pressure pumping equipment for offshore well intervention and well pumping operations. We have the knowhow and expertise in automation, diesel/electric powered equipment and hydraulic/pneumatic systems. Our equipment is designed, manufactured and certified compliant to the highest quality standards and includes a comprehensive documentation package.

We offer:

  • Hire and sale of standard and custom made equipment.
  • 24/7 technical and service support
  • Training courses for operators and maintenance personnel

OTT products are designed in accordance with true environmentally friendly principles. Our personnel are highly experienced, but most importantly: Our dedication to make improvements on behalf of our clients is genuine.

Experience and innovation

Service is always a given when dealing with us. More than 20 years of hands on experience makes us a valuable partner when planning new operations. Whether the project involves rental of our patented equipment or it includes both equipment and service, we make sure to be there for our clients. OTT invests and innovates to improve on excising procedures and technology for both on- and offshore applications.

Safety awareness

We make sure to consider all aspects of our projects. All operations are carried out in accordance with carefully prepared routines that allow no shortcuts. By acknowledging the challenging working conditions we take precaution and do whatever possible to eliminate the risks involved.

The highest standards

Our products are based on BAT - Best Available Techniques. Our ethical standards are equally high. We always make sure to comply with applicable laws and regulations and act in ethical, sustainable and socially responsible manners.