The patented offshore mudcooler is one of the world class mudcoolers developed by Task Environmental Services for the oil and gas industry. The mud is cooled in the heatexchanger by means of a glycol/water mixture which in its turn is cooled down in the second heatexchanger by seawater. The glycol/water mixture is circulating through the system by means of an electric driven centrifugalcirculation pump.

The glycol/water mixture is monitored by an oil detection device, to detect and avoid any oil leakage to the environment. The plate heatexchanger can be equiped with an extensive range of plate materials: Hastelloy, titanium and various kinds of stainless steel.; almost any material can be processed dueto modern production facilities and well thought-out tool design.

The mudcooler offers the following advantages:

  • Extremely suitable for mudcooling for HP/HT drilling
  • Extends uselful life of drilling equipment
  • Is environmental friendly
  • Improves working conditions


Offshore Mudcooler 3000kW

Overall Dimensions

  • Length: 4550 mm
  • Width: 2000 mm
  • Height: 2000 mm
  • Weight: 6000 kg

Cooler Design Specifications

  • Flowrate: Up to 2500 ltr/min
  • Density of mud: Up to 2.2 kg/ltr
  • Inlet Temp:     75 °C
  • Outlet Temp:     60 °C
  • Capacity:     3000 kW
  • Operating Pressure Bar: