No compromises

Seasave was incorporated on October 27th, 2008 with the intent to improve and better the subsea sediment management. The technology development begain as early as 2002 within a research group with the experience in the drilling waste management. Seasave has all of the exclusive ownership of patents and IPR for the technological solutions that the company commercializes.

We adhere to the principle that the use of technology should never compromise the project progress, be it drilling operations or other cost-driving activities.

A multidisciplinary team of professionals

Seasave group is a consulting agency as well as a technology and solutions provider, built from the multidisciplinary team of professionals whose expertise in the Oil and Gas industry spans over three decades. The associates are versed in and have successfully implemented various offshore activities, research, development and commercialization of technologies, and collaborative projects with major energy companies.

Seasave combines own resources with utilization of partners, thus further enhancing its teams and their problem solving abilities, enabling the resolve of the technological interfaces that affect the handling of subsea sediments.