Traditional techniques coupled with new technologies

This especially applies to filtering and pump techniques, in addition to techniques for mobilizing the equipment, equipment hook-up, and equipment operation in subsea via the ROV. A core question to whether the technology will work underwater and deliver satisfactory results has been answered: mesoscale testing of filtering properties subsea, at field conditions, have been carried out with better results than expected.

O&G industry is often cautious about adapting new technology – generally, it is required that technology is field proven before implementation. Demonstrations in the field scale are therefore difficult to undertake. We have found a way to circumvent such catch 22 scenario by utilizing the field knowhow, in addition to traditional techniques coupled with new technologies.

R & D areas

There are a number of areas where Seasave’s team has excels. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Stabilizing of subsea sediments, so that the deposition of sediments includes the complete stabilization of the particles with fluid adhesions with no future runoff. 
Task: Combining Seasave's filtering technology with slurryfication and cement technology.
  • Developing the technology so that containment of harmful components found in the fluid flow formed during separation of solids and fluid is fully achieved. This allows for a closed loop treatment system to be established subsea.  
Task: Develop prototype of proprietary Seasave technology and run field test.
  • Develop a complete solution to manage and dispose of the OBM and WBM-cuttings offshore during drilling, including stabilization and deposition on the seabed. 
Task: Combine topside solids handling equipment with special-cement to prime the material for a final, stable disposal on the seabed.


Companies that we collaborate with, or have had working relationships during the technology development are:

Our client list is confidential, but we can provide specific case studies that can be catered to your specific needs.