Together with our manufacturing partners, we have the knowledge and expertise in the automation of deisel/electrical poweredn equipment and hydraulic pneumatic systems.

Our equipment is designed, manufactured and certified compliant to the highest quality standards and includes a complete documentation package.

OTT offer a pump unit rental fleet ranging from 450hp to 1450hp including:-


Ancillary equipment

  • C-pumps (electrical and diesel driven)
  • 2" HP iron and 4" LP hoses
  • Hydraulic power pack units (electrical and diesel driven)
  • Mud coolers

24 / 7 / 365 Technical service and support

  • Expert online support (Mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and software programmes)
  • Certified offshore technicians

Training courses (hands on)

  • Offshore pump unit and equipment operators
  • Certified offshore service technicians

Hire and sale

  • Hire and sale of standard and custom built equipment

Special features

  • 3G (zone 2) diesel safety protection systemwhich eliminates exhaust flame arresters
  • Control system and PLC - Internet accessible

Product sheets: